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I was really shitty back when I saved all my sidebar images so I don't know who made any of them. If you happen to know any, let me know and I'll credit!

untitled. it has a nice ring.



Stockholm - 13.06


Stockholm - 13.06

Merlin Cast Fest
Colin Morgan Week - Day 5
Favourite Moment(s) in Merlin - A Servant of Two Masters

The one in which enchanted Merlin spectacularly failing to kill Arthur, despite his enthusiastic attempts:) . Colin is pure magic, playing a cheerfully evil Merlin and confident Emrys. I love every moment of this episode. It’s briliiant, scary, funny and exciting in turns. It’s definitely my favourite episode out of the entire series.)

misha collins in charmed


Peter Pan (2003)

Detailed blog compliments!


I’ve decided I want to do something, since I reached my goal a few days ago, and figured blog compliments are very nice, and fun to do, so yeah!

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It will be in a few sections and then overall (examples under the cut):

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Paris, France - 21.06


Paris, France - 21.06

every person has their pressure point. someone they want to protect from harm.

every person has their pressure point. someone they want to protect from harm.

its totally happening 

im changing my url to cosmicalclara



This has to be an allusion to the end game of John and Sherlock retiring together

Impulse control has never been my strong suit… (x)

Holiday Party Yayy


Okay so yesterday was my last day of school and I have two glorious weeks of freedom ahead of me before I have to go back. So I thought yay let’s celebrate. Plus I’m getting close to 1k too so ahhh 

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That face you make when you find weird shit at stores, and then offer it to your friend.


oh hell no

oh hell no